Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Wonderful Autumn Weekend

Yummy hot chocolate topped with whipped topping and Halloween sprinkles.  This was enjoyed cuddled with a blanket and my sweet husband in the swing on the back patio.  We have a gas lantern on a pole on the back patio of our new cottage.  I am loving the soft light it provides in our backyard so that I can enjoy sitting out on these cool autumn nights.
 Sweet hands of our youngest son helping his mom clean out our pumpkins.  Boy, I am glad that even with all of his texture sensitivities, he enjoys cleaning out pumpkins.
 Jack-O-Lanterns are carved and ready!!  Designed by each of the boys and carved by their Daddy.  They were lit last night and look great. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ready for All Hallows Eve

At Linton Cottage we are looking for The Great Pumpkin.  The cottage is all decorated for Halloween and I wanted to share the fun and comfort we are enjoying this weekend.

 Ummm.  Yummy caramel apples.

 These two spooks we have had over 20 years and they always make an appearance in October.

 This is our Halloween Tree that I have been putting out for several years now.
 Hanging from its limbs are reproductions of vintage Halloween postcards and little cat and pumpkin people.  The printouts for their little heads came from Martha Stewart and they are glued to chenille strips twisted to make their bodies.

Thanks for your visit.  I will try to post more later; plans for the rest of the weekend include mass, a little cooking, pumpkin carving and hot cocoa!!